led light for parking lot

Features of the LED light for parking lot / park / garden Lighting distribution is well designed for the parking lot and park road. Hollow out heat sink design makes the lamp lighter and good heat dissipation. Installation Angle can be adjusted from –90° to +90°, suitable for vertical pole in the parking area / park.. leer más →

Rating for equipment and enclosures Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts in accordance with IEC 62262:2002 and IEC 60068-2-75:1997. IK rate IK01 IK02 IK03 IK04 IK05 IK06 IK07 IK08 IK09 IK10 Energy at the impact (Joule) 0,14 0,2 0,35 0,5 0,7 1 2 5 10 20 Mass (Kg) 0,25.. leer más →

The IP system is an internationally recognized method to indicate the degree of protection against the ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture into an enclosure. The letters “IP” are followed by two numerals. First Numeral Protection of persons against contact with or approach to live parts and against contact with moving parts, other than.. leer más →

Las nuevas Proyectors LED pueden ponerse a 100-1000 vatios, con la lente specilized y calentar el diseño de fregadero, el funcionamiento bien para el uso de distancia largo. (como alto poste, estadio, muelle, yarda …) Hasta 100 lm/w o 130 lm/w 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90° ángulos de rayo 2-10 veces más brillante que luz convencional Diseño modular,.. leer más →