U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently released the latest CALiPER test results, and found that only a small number of MR16 lamps that have LED Lighting Facts label performance equally with 50W (12V) halogen.

The report notes that only a few of MR16 LED lamps meet EnergyStar’s minimum center beam intensity standard, with 50W halogen MR16 lamp and light-emitting angle of 40 degrees as benchmarks .

Though in the past three years more MR16 LED lamps have got LED Lighting Facts label, while the proportion fell from 11% to 4% in the past three years. The new MR16 LED lights output (luminous efficiency) hardly changed in the past two years. Although MR16 LED lights’ lumen output keeps increasing, there is not much impact on the results of optical efficiency, luminous efficiency changed little.

Overall the MR16 in LED Lighting Facts, the CRI is better than most of the other types of lighting.

As other types of lamps, the MR16 LED lights in LED Lighting Facts perform variously, consumers should evaluate their performance.